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Gaikai brings console good quality video games to the social environment (Facebook)

@ 03:02 PM (33 months, 25 days ago)
What would you rather do: harvest corn, or chainsaw a zombie in the face? Yeah, us too”, Gaikai boldly claims. Although the intensity of this problem is rather a lot nullified by the reality that Lifeless Rising 2 is advertised straight alongside Farming Simulator 2011, Gaikai’s new Facebook streaming app will permit even the most casual gamer to delve into hardcore PC and console titles. While solutions like OnLive have been presenting cloud gaming companies because 2010, Gaikai aims to make cloud gaming even less complicated by permitting streaming straight from Facebook itself. The app, now in beta, enables any Facebook consumer to play demos for cutting-edge console-quality games. All a consumer requirements to begin streaming is a Facebook account, first rate internet, and an updated version of Java. What’s genuinely striking about this technological innovation is that a high-end graphics card isn’t necessary to perform a high-end game. “Cloud Gaming signifies that the video game doesn’t need to have to be downloaded and operate on your computer, it actually implies the game runs out on the internet, in the cloud, with the knowledge being streamed to the players”, mentioned David Perry, CEO of Gakai. By Way Of the cloud, we had been capable to preview video games like The Witcher 2, Saints Row: The Third, and yes, even Farming Simulator 2011. Even Though there is a modest quantity of “grain” when streaming every game (sort of how Netflix streaming isn’t very HD), most games on Gaikai seemed surprisingly good. While Gaikai at present only offers demos by way of streaming, we’re keen to see if Gaikai can launch a total OnLive-like knowledge by means of Facebook alone. This system isn’t perfect. For example, we played the demo for Saints Row: The 3rd on a Mac, but had been provided possibilities to get the bodily video game for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 only. Until Gaikai can provide the capability to buy and stream comprehensive video games through its Facebook app, its mainly informal gamer viewers will be unlikely to individual a PC powerful plenty of to play game titles exterior of the cloud. If Gaikai can figure out a system for offering video games within its Facebook app alone, however, points will get significantly much more interesting. How will informal players react when they discover that they can stream top-of-the-line console titles without having owning a powerful PC or a console? If Zynga has proved anything, it’s that informal players enjoy currently being able to perform their game titles whilst staying connected to their social networks. Gaikai is just a number of measures absent from delivering this very same idea on a extremely big scale. In the meantime, if you’re intrigued in viewing how Gaikai works, examine out their Facebook app and see the recreation streaming technology for yourself. It’s surprising how very clear game titles transfer, and it just may possibly be the first measures to a thing very, extremely big.

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